Cuban Musician


The Marimbula (mah-REAM-boo-lah) or Bass Kalimba is related to the cajón in origin as well as construction. In Cuba, the instrument provided the bass line in a style of music called son (rhymes with tone). The Jamaican version is called a Rhumba Box whereas in Puerto Rico it's called a Marimbola.

Wil-Dog used one on "Embrace the Chaos" with Ozomatli, on "Canto", with Los Super Seven, and for the "Price of Glory" sound track. Lenny Castro has used his custom Kotz Marimbula performances throughout Europe.

Other players I've built custom Marimbulas for include Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Raul Malo, and Bruno Coon.

Kotz Marimbulas are available with internally mounted pickups systems which include a buffered preamp.
Paul Ferro Marimbula Curved-Back Marimbula
Red Marimbula Marimbula

With pickup - Plug It In!

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